Prague’s LET THEM BURN appeared just like a comet. The birth of this formation dates back to 2013. Two years later the album “Conqueror” is released; full of traditional death trash with a good dose of dark melodies.

SPARK magazine (Conqueror review) editor Jan Sedlak

Every fan of the old fair death and trash metal of the early 90s have to love this band. Despite of this analogy it does not sound archaic. Instrumentally, on the album “Conqueror”, the Prague foursome metallers presents themselves as a matured band that knows right exactly what to play. In the title track I clearly feel even black metal chill which is then smashed with recited chorus and a rousing guitar solo. For me probably the most powerful moment of the album but the other five songs are boldly creeping on its neck. As the guys themselves admit the name LET THEM BURN was chosen by the eponymous song of the Canadian metallers KATAKLYSM (album “In the arms of devastation” from the year 2006). And also thanks to this trifle a fan can imagine the music of LET THEM BURN. Blast, a light relief, burst again, a light touch of melody and brute force again. The way KATAKLYSM fans also like it. Thanks to this scheme “Conqueror” is great to listen to. Right as if you came across a good old friend who over the years has not changed a bit. The recording has a legible – but not corny – sound of the Vyskov Davos studio so I can calmly include it in my collection perhaps right next to KATAKLYSM. I hope it does not stay alone there.